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Your story is everything.
Let’s tell it with style. Stand apart. Get their attention. Precise messaging and evocative storytelling for your brand.

Smart organizations like yours know they have something better to offer. You need messaging and storylines that position you ahead of the me-too mainstream and connect your audience to your brand’s key value.

Here’s how to elevate your brand position

Positioning and messaging. For the real world.

Every brand occupies a core position: the Big Idea that elevates it above competition and draws in customers. This core positioning is extended and illuminated with messaging, a framework of key ideas that are surfaced across all brand communication.

Together, we unearth and refine your positioning. We then flesh out key messages that draw the audience in, and distill that into taglines, headlines, and other sample copy your team can use out of the box.

Express your value and differentiation with perfect words in perfect context.

Start Crafting

Storytelling presentations. That grab their attention.

Convincing an audience that the problem is real and your value proposition is effective takes careful plotting, narrative and flair.

Through a proven framework, we build a pitch deck rich with evidence, visuals and captivating words. This is the PowerPoint or PDF presentation for internal communications, sales meetings, funding inquiries or any situation where your audience needs to understand your motives, solutions and go-to-market strategy.

Tell your story through a convincing pitch deck presentation that holds the audience until the end.

Start Telling

Expressive style guides. To ensure powerful activation.

Brand strategy, messaging architectures and other core building blocks are only as impactful as the tactical output of your practitioners, whether internal teams or agency partners.

Building on our discovery and messaging programs, we create a thorough style guide that captures voice, tone, key lexicon, product naming guidelines, legal considerations, design guidelines and more — and then train the folks responsible for bringing it to life in the field.

Ensure your brand is expressed with consistent quality through a style guide and style training.

Start Expressing

Deeper capabilities for the truly serious

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Brand Strategy
Core Positioning
Competitive Analysis
Stakeholder Workshops
Executive Interviews
Product Architecture
Product Naming
Design Analysis
Voice & Tone Definition
Audience Definition
Message Architecture
Message Testing
Headlines & Taglines
Brand Manifestos
Pitch Deck Presentations (PowerPoint or PDF)
Brand Expression
Style Guide Creation
Voice & Tone Examples
Editorial Guidelines
Sample Copywriting
Content Strategy
CMS Design & Author Experience
Structured Content
Taxonomy Development
Translation Consultation

Further writing and thinking about brand

Let’s take the next step

Here’s my bio.

I spent my youth drawing, my college days designing and DJing, and my early career navigating the agency world.

Since then, I’ve helped startups, nonprofits, technology companies and Fortune 100 brands on with positioning, messaging, visual identity, marketing and more. A sampling of past/current titles include creative director, director of marketing, head of brand, brand strategist, brand director.

Today, I help organizations like yours clarify brand, simplify messaging, and tell stories worth listening to.

I collect weird 80s post-punk, sip Negronis, and look forward to summer. I grew up in New Jersey and brag about it.

Ready to change the game with messaging, storytelling and brand strategy?

Kevin Potts

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It is not slickness, polish, uniqueness, or cleverness that makes a brand a brand. It is truth.

Harry Beckwith